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2021 Guide for Summer Jobs for Teachers

Summer Workation: 2020 Guide for Summer Jobs for Teachers

With great change comes great opportunity

A summer is a terrible thing to waste! This is especially true in 2020, at a time when so much has changed in the world of education. So many teachers have had to teach from home or see their calendars change. At the same time, the job market has been upended with tens of millions of people filing for unemployment. However, at Summer Workation we are eternal optimists and believe with significant change comes significant opportunity and this will certainly be true as you look at the market from summer jobs and opportunities for teachers. Below your will find our 2020 Guide for Summer Jobs for Teachers.

Top Five Summer Jobs for Teachers in 2020:

  1. Online tutoring/teaching – even as restrictions open up, many families will be very conservative when it comes to going outside. As a result, we anticipate a rise in virtual tutoring/teaching jobs.
  2. Content creation – the world of content is quickly changing as more and more content is needed to tell people all the ways in which the world is changing. Get out your writing chops and look for opportunities to update content around the web (we are looking at you english teachers).
  3. Physical retail – the physical retail market has been forever changed. Many employers are struggling to find reliable workers. If safe for you to do so, there will likely be physical retail jobs available in record numbers this summer for teachers.
  4. Contact tracing/COVID-19 volunteering – as we fight the pandemic there has been a call for all of us to step up and chip in. One effort that is especially labor intensive is contact tracing and it could be an area where teachers could provide critical help.
  5. Start something new – COVID-19 is creating a rapid move towards digital businesses. This could be the summer where teachers become more entrepreneurial than ever. If you have an idea, you can be your own boss this summer and create your own digital business.

Three Trends Shaping Summer Jobs for Teachers in 2020

  1. COVID-19 – It is hard to overstate how much COVID-19 is impacting all of us and the summer employment market for teachers is no different. We anticipate there will be many new jobs in contact tracing, medical volunteering and research that will be available to teachers.
  2. Think digital – this won’t be the year of traditional summer camps and summer schools. Families will be reluctant to send their kids to large group settings. These traditional places for teachers to work over the summer will be hard to find and will be replaced by digital alternatives like online classes or programs.
  3. Work may be harder to find – unemployment is at record numbers and while there may be pockets of work for teachers, we anticipate this will be one of the hardest years to find paid workations. If you are in a position to volunteer, take a class or take a risk on your own venture this may be the summer to do it. If not, we are doing all we can at Summer Workation to make summer jobs available to our heroic teachers!